Why Choose Crimmins?

The R.B. Crimmins Company is a legitimate alternative to high cost larger recovery audit firms. We can provide a better result than your current provider at a very competitive price. We have a track record of making substantial recoveries in both primary and secondary reviews.

We are responsive. You don’t need to wade through a hierarchy of company representatives and sales people to get an answer. We are family-owned. You deal directly with us.

We are efficient. We don’t duplicate your billings and waste your time. We use our auditing tools with intelligence. We’re problem solvers. We don’t create problems.

We work for you. Some firms can come in like gangbusters, disrupting your operations. We won’t. Once entrenched, they may start dictating terms, leaving you wondering who works for whom. We won’t.

We have worked with some of the largest supermarket chains and mass merchandisers in the country. Put our experience and know-how to work for you. Looking at your audit differently, gaining insight and keeping your audit costs down – that’s what we’re all about. Knowledge, practical experience and technical expertise: we have it. Don’t stay locked in.

“Although I was only involved for the last five years, the level of service and commitment provided by R.B. Crimmins was exceptional during my engagement.”

Director of Retail Reporting

“Crimmins handled all inquiries with the utmost professionalism [and] can always be relied upon to adhere to and promote [your] policies and standards in dealing with vendors both inside and outside the organization.”

Senior Manager Accounts Payable

“We now have to put out quarterly reporting on post audits. [Internal audit] saw your report and modeled their reporting format on yours – kudos to you guys.”

Business Systems Analyst