Web-Based Review of Audit Claims

We provide vendors easy web access to the audit claims we file. We do it in a way that is simple, requiring no special instructions. Vendors can easily open or save the claims and approve them – all from our web interface.

Data Security

We securely handle all of your data regardless of the source. We support secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) for file transfer of client data. We support data encryption (PGP/GPG). In instances where the client must ship files on external drive we can supply locking drives.

Electronic Content Management (ECM) Software

If you provide images, PDF files, emails and attachments for the audit, we use an industry leading Electronic Content Management (ECM) software to index and efficiently search that information for relevant information, like promotional offers, price changes and price protection, rebates and more.

Claim Management

You have online access to your claims, 24/7. Clients who want web access to view all audit claims and claim status, download reports, and to open and save claims can do so via the R.B. Crimmins Microsoft SharePoint portal.