Recovery Audit Process

We take care of the audit details so you don’t have to. We comply with your guidelines and submit well-supported claims, all in accordance with strict professional and ethical standards you expect. We handle supplier correspondence professionally, courteously and promptly. Protecting your good vendor relations is of the utmost importance to us. Final resolution of any audit claim always belongs to you, the client.

We audit your structured data using our own front-end linked to the data you provide. We apply our methodology to create exception reports that identify global problems. We mine your unstructured data such as email files and attachments, images, and PDF files using leading-edge Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Images are made readable using available conversion software.

You define the scope:

  • Warehouse
  • Direct Store Door (DSD)
  • Wholesale
  • Pharmacy
  • Other

We identify and resolve the errors:

  • Duplicate payments and overpayments
  • Missed or improperly calculated accruals, rebates and incentives
  • Uncollected lump sums (e.g. Slotting and Ad fees)
  • Misplaced vendor checks and credits
  • Incomplete, missed or incorrectly billed Scan and Count-Recount billings
  • Lost or improperly calculated Off Invoice and Bill Back allowances
  • Forgotten Swell, Backhaul and Freight allowances
  • Incorrectly billed Coupons
  • Errors on Return To Vendor vouchers