Outstanding Results

Drop-Shipped Pallets

A retailer ordered prebuilt pallets and had them drop-shipped to their stores to support a major promotion. The bill back allowance due on these pallets was to be billed automatically by the retailer’s billing system. However, a warehouse receiving was required in order to trigger a billing. Because the pallets were shipped directly to the stores, and never went into the warehouse, the bill for the bill back due was never triggered. We identified the problem and filed a Crimmins claim of $141,000 to recover the allowance due.

In-Ad Coupon

A vendor offered a $1.00 per unit in-Ad coupon to a retailer. The buyer mistakenly entered the allowance at $1.00 per case into the merchandising system. We caught this error and filed a Crimmins claim of $20,774 to recover the difference due the retailer.

Holiday Weekend Promo

A retailer ran a promotion an extra day to account for the long holiday weekend. There was a scan back deal available for the promotion. The retailer’s billing software was set up to handle all scan billing data on a weekly basis. Although the sale pricing ran an extra day, the retailer only billed for the normal weekly cycle. The resulted in a Crimmins claim of over $95,000 to recover the extra day’s sales.

Manual Billing

A buyer wrote a manual billing without including the decimal places in the amount due figure. The clerk that processed the billing for payment assumed that the figure should have included two decimal places. This was incorrect. The error triggered a Crimmins claim of over $65,000.


A buyer had an Advertising contract in hand. The vendor sweetened the deal and offered a BOGO deal to a buyer who recorded the specifics on the back of the original contract. The deal was not visible when the deal sheet was face up. The retailer never entered the BOGO deal into the billing system. The BOGO Ad ran. This resulted in a claim of over $70,000 to recover the difference due.